Doing the work....

....aka.....playing in the garage! Yeah, we are "garage artists" for now and happy to be. Throughout our years ,together and before, we've lived in many, many places....some of them pretty small. A couple of things that have been learned from that - we don't need a whole lot of space or stuff and  we are really good at sharing the space we have and making it work in a good way. It helps if you can be creative and that you like each other alot!
So, we are enjoying our play/work area, there's room for the kilns, supplies, tools and's all good.


  1. Awww, that's so sweet. My garage is sitting at about 110F right now. I've moved all but the kilns and other big stuff inside.

  2. "It helps if you can be creative and that you like each other alot". You said all. Anywhere there is love and concertation, miracles happen.You two, live your own miracle.

  3. Susan :)

    So great to 'meet' you! I've actually visited Madison once...a long time ago. I remember the houses, and that it was like a town from a storybook. My grandparents drove me over from Norcross where they lived. I took so many pictures of the antebellum homes that day, and still have a few of them packed away. I am sure I will go there again someday.

    Say hey to Larry for us!! Y'all have a great weekend!

  4. When this togetherness happens, it's magic, Susan. Astrid and I are the same way, living in a 45 sq meter apartment. We love making every nook and cranny work for us. It helps that Astrid is a carpenter, of course. :) It's so good to hear someone else say they don't need a lot of space or stuff. Good for you!