If you are a maker ...

... you are fully aware that you cannot make things do what they don't want to do, right? Especially when it involves a very stubborn buffalo! I guess I forgot for a minute exactly what I was dealing with but was quickly reminded, he let me know that he wanted nothing to do with the very pretty and very last piece of turquoise deerskin in my possession ... maybe he thought it was too girly but it was going to be my bag so it seemed perfect, to me. He had other ideas, like a rough and tumble bag, one I had to cobble all together from small pieces at the very bottom of the basket.

But you know, he was right. He seems at home here and we'll see how he acts in public when we go out later ... but not today, it's cold, blowy and white! I'll get back to some beading for now.
Hope you are working on projects that make you happy.

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