1. I like your post.
    Well,i have favorite words, too.
    Spirit in greek pnevma, is also a favorite word for me. When i read or say spirit i "see" sky, blue, clear sky.
    Angel is another.As a name, in greek Angellos, the name of my father and my son and as the divine creatures with the big wings who look after us, as long as we are on earth. I believe in angels, and i feel protected when i think "angel".
    Light, in greek fos, means for me, clarity, quidance.
    Sunbeam, in greek, iliahtida,is for me the "hope". As a sunbeam tears the darkness, it is the image for hope for me.
    Serenity... in greek galini, i am looking for her, i need her, for my mind, my soul. A calm sea is the image.
    Change, in greek alagi, something i want, something that sometimes i am afraid of. The image is the Fall's leaves which change their colors.
    Water, in greek, nero, means catharsis (this is a greek word),purification for me. The image is a waterfall...
    I wrote many, so i stop here.
    I enjoy it, Susan.

  2. Such beautiful words, Teteel. Thank you for sharing and for "speaking" them in your language ... just lovely.

  3. A spirited image to go with the word. Perfect!

  4. ~luminous~

    Makes me imagine the light in spirit...

    Spanish moss hanging down, Spanish moss, all around, haha! I need to see leaves changing colors, post haste! :)