Quiet life


  1. It is the ideal way of living for a couple, i believe. To be together and in the same time to have time and space for yourself and to communicate with no need to talk all the time.
    Rich, quiet, creative life!
    And you two, have succeeded that.
    Lucky you!

  2. You have perfectly described what is so important for us, too, Susan. We're nature lovers like you but we also love the coziness of our home and just being together, whether sitting together on the couch watching a movie, working a jigsaw puzzle, or each doing our separate things in the same space. It really is a togetherness to cherish and something not everyone wants or has. It's perfect for us. So I definitely understand!

  3. It sounds like a beautiful life to me. Something I hope my husband and I will achieve once our daughter will have left the house (I'm NOT wishing for that day, though, I love to have her arpund). I love it when he is at home, even though he's stuck in front of the computer - I know that he's a geek. We're not big party people either. We both love nature. And you're right, it's important to take care of it.