S'more puppy love

I just can't help myself, all of you animal lovers will understand. There are just so many beautiful dogs
around here, everywhere you look. So I'll probably never stop taking photos of them and sharing them
here ... I do hope you enjoy these pups as much as we do.


  1. Yes, i love dogs and cats and i enjoy to see your photos.
    So cute faces!
    And, yes, dogs are loyal, cats not always...

  2. Big fan of dogs here... :)

    While we were in Hollywood, this pickup truck comes cruising down the blvd, and in the back it has 4 pitbulls all wearing these black sunglasses, like biker glasses. It was the most awesome thing to see, and I was so bummed I couldn't get my camera out in time!

    Dogs have so much personality! They crack me up!

  3. Oh..you know how I love dogs. Terrific!!!

  4. I'm a doggie lover too. I've got two of my own, and there is something about goldens that make my heart melt. I guess it's the memory of our old golden Maggie.
    I love all animals. thanks for sharing!

  5. They can totally melt my heart, too, Susan! I see different dogs tethered outside the grocery store almost every time I go and to see how they so faithfully wait and look for their owners is just mind-boggling. You can show pictures of them anytime you want. :)

  6. Those are such beautiful faces indeed, Susan, and it fills me with joy to see your beautiful blog.

  7. Hi Susan, have bookmarked your blog now...and nice to find myself here this morning :) i couldn't imagine life without my dogs, and cats - and whilst they break your heart..oh too easily, when something goes wrong, i don't think i could contemplate a house without any four-legged person in it! dogs (all animals really) aren't treated so well here, it's very sad and something you never get used to.