This house ...



  1. Wonderful! I would love to wake up to that view.

  2. I love the view from your windows - so beautiful! The house sounds really interesting, especially after you mentiones the "old west boarding house", I hope you can find out more about its history and tell us.

  3. Si nice to see your house, and your beautiful windows!
    The view is awesome!
    You are so lucky to live in this old interesting and beautiful house.

  4. That looks MARVELOUS! Views (to me) are so important when it comes to creating~!

  5. I suddenly wonder if you've seen/felt any ghosts there, Susan? :) Thinking of the old west boarding house has conjured up so many images. HA! Don't you love the soul of a place that you can simply call 'the house.' It makes so much sense. And I'm so happy for you and Larry!