1. I have those same feelings about new beginnings...a wonderful blogpost of your's--now I will go check out the side-bar!

  2. καλημέρα!!!!
    είναι φανταστικές!!!! μπράβο!!!!

  3. Such a wonderful collection of windows and doors!! And - happy birthday to you and all of yours!!!

  4. Dawn & Marcie, thank you so much, the celebrating has begun!

    Ria, thank you, also. I had my friend, Teteel, translate for me ... I appreciate your kind words!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, indeed, Susan. My older brother's birthday is the 14th and he just turned 69. Next year he'll be the first of our sibling clan to turn 70. Then the rest of us will follow suit...first sister Susan, than me, and so on. I love your doors and gates and how you figured out why they're important. Seems perfect for a January girl!

  6. Doors, windows, gates are all openings!
    Areas of transition, to one place to another, to one thing to another.
    Changes, startups, new plans and dreams!
    January has all these!

    When is your bithday Susan?