"Up the Pass" ...


  1. Ah, Colorado. You know, it's one of my favorite states and I've often said to my husband if we ever have to move away from where we now live I'd love to live in Colorado. I hope that we can see our friends again soon who live close to Loveland - love that area and the closeness to the Rockies.

  2. What a beautiful place where you live. I so identify with having a gypsy heart. My husband and I are back in Maine after twenty years and several states away. We have places like you describe, where we can point to our old houses and haunts and the homes of old friends. I like it, kind of like a living map with memory to mark the important milestones and roadside attractions!

    Thanks for stopping by my place. It's lovely here at yours.

    All best,

  3. WHat a beautiful day! Knowing that it is spring in Colorado gives me hope that it will be heading this way soon...
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have many wonderful days.


  4. My only time to Pike's Peak was just before I got married in 1969, Susan. I remember lots of arid nothing as you got closer the top. Wow. That was a long time ago. :) And did you say Cripple Creek? Man. I do have lots of memories of that place, going in to see the old western shows.