Pretty Things

  The ever fabulous Lori has done it again! She is sharing a brillant idea to help others, to inspire all the very talented jewelry creators and to even let people like me, being in the non-jewelry group, join in ... yay! So, like I usually do when starting a project, I gathered some items together in a basket to see who wants to play. You might notice that there is a blue theme, one of the few "rules". But, please, go on over and check it out for yourself, maybe you'll want to play. too!  Hope so.


  1. ...that looks like fun, and it's beautiful already!

  2. Thanks, ladies! You know I'm not much of a joiner but doesn't this look like a good cause? I really like the idea of making a cuff for someone I don't know for some reason! We'll see what makes the final cut from the basket, could go in a totally different direction, just my way of doing things.