Searching for colors

and I wanted to share these sweet words with you from Christine


  1. the wooden sculpture in the window! she is beautiful...did you guys make her? larry's fantastic pieces make me want to learn chess. to move handmade pieces around in a game---just wonderful! hope you get lucky and find a new glaze soon. that is a bummer that you have to hunt for it all over again.
    thanx so much for the link :-) you are too kind!

  2. Wow, Larry's chess pieces are wonderful! So full of life and character. My husband would love these!!

    Hope all is well with you. Thanks, as always for stopping by my place and leaving such a lovely comment. xo Gigi

  3. Christine, that is one of Sophie's pieces. The only big one we have. I have a couple of posts about her work, wall size quilts and about her home.
    Larry really appreciated your comment, and also Gigi's, about his chess pieces ... made him smile and say"cool"!
    Thank you both for visiting, it means alot to us.

  4. Chess pieces! I would love to see the finished set...every single piece up close and personal. Astrid and I have a chess game going all the time. :)