Season of change


  1. AHHHHH!

    I love that picture...

    I miss autumn so much! Even north Georgia mountains are turning, but what do we see around here? Pine trees! Palm trees!

    Eh, it is what it is...but, I sure miss the colors like what you see above.

  2. This is beautiful..and so perfect for where we are today.

  3. I love Black Elk. Wisdom...

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!! I love fall. Such an inspiring season. Invigorating.. A delight to all the senses!

    .. I am loving the stone wall behind the tree as well.. wow!

  4. this might be one of my favorite pictures of yours. but i might say that again down the road. the colors and the roundness of the building. just so lovely!

    circles. everywhere, all the time, seen and unseen. :-)