There's a lady I know ...


 ... but only from reading her blog. I've been inhaling her words for quite awhile and still come across things from her that stun me, that make me think that I couldn't live another day without having read these words.  Her writing moves me like nothing else ... makes me think, makes me wonder, makes me cry and makes me want to hug her tight. When I finished reading this list I felt for sure that she must know my heart and must know these things I needed to hear.  I copied the list and have it where it is visible to me at my work table because I feel as if I need to study this, read and reread, remember
                         the messages. That's some very profound knowledge to gain.

How does someone do this? Write such beautiful, raw, insightful, playful, meaningful words time after time?  I've never aspired to be a writer, as much as I have always loved to read, but I am so thrilled that so many have and do and do it so well!

And Jen does so much more than use her words to rock your world. She's out there in it, helping families, changing lives, caring so deeply.
Go fall in love.


  1. I read her blog too and yes, I feel exactly the same way as you do. Some people truly have a gift. It is like magic....

  2. Sweet Selma, you have magical gifts yourself, don't you know? We are surrounded by awesomeness!

  3. her words really do make you take a look at yourself and set the wheels in motion to work on yourself. i look forward to reading more posts. thank you for sharing this link susan!

  4. WOW! Double WOW. Thanks for sharing this, Susan!

  5. Oh yes - Jen has always been an inspiration!!!