A visitor


  1. Oh, I hope he found his way home - dear little guy!

    Your photos are awesome - the reds are just glorious. That cat obviously knows a thing or two. Haha.

  2. Hey Selma, we hear that bird alot now, he seems to be happy and safe. And that pretty cat is called Mouse, for good reason! Thanks for coming by.

  3. so much happening right outside the door! hope the bird is where he needs to be & he doesn't get too close to that beautiful cat.
    that red bush is gorgeous! what great color!

  4. I agree ..never a dull moment here!! love the foliage colors!

  5. He is so beautiful!!!
    I wish to be safe now in his home...
    Red-green plant is Fantastic!!!
    Cute cat !!!
    Amazing photos as always!!!
    Be well my friends!!!

  6. I am so happy that I got the photo of the red and green bush, it changed really quick with all the cold winds we have had today! Even more reason to keep hoping the little bird is staying home.

    Thanks, sweet ladies, for visiting

  7. Oh. I do hope he is still okay...I'm late on the scene!
    Wonderful photos here Susan.
    Hope you are both happy and well...And the longing of October is dissipating...October does something funny with my desires too...I think it is throwback to school day feelings and wants...