This is the month that I always get the urge to go someplace, no matter where I am. It's been so for most    of my life ~ not sure what it is about the month of October but it is a very deep need/want.

But lucky for us, there has been way too much traveling and moving as of late so we will stay put ...
         well, there were some thoughts and talk of a quicky to Sante Fe!  we shall see.


  1. :sigh: santa fe...
    you really should indulge your lust and go!

  2. I sure like the sound of that ~ "indulge your lust"!

  3. What a lovely picture and a quote.... here's hoping you can get away if it is truly what your heart wants. For me I love to stay home, but I think it is because I don't get a lot of time to do that


  4. Thanks Kim ... I like how this photo turned out. We were happy to be staying home today cause it rained all night and turned into snow this morning! It was really beautiful.

  5. Snow? Already?
    The weather here is warm and rainy...
    Santa Fe... an exotic place for me !
    Wonderful destination !

    Amazing image!

  6. Hey Teteel, I'm so happy that you stopped in from your lovely, warm and rainy home! You would love taking photos in Sante Fe! This one that I added layers to was taken in St. Augustine, Fl.

  7. october is the opposite for me....somehow it makes me very content to stay close to home and soak in the colors of fall.....

    but hey, a quicky anywhere is always a gift for the senses :)

  8. A beautiful quote and painting..and I think October is a month for wanderlust...:-)!