Some pups & the people who love them

Going thru my puppy files I noticed that most of these images were taken back in the summer ~ it sure felt good to see all the green, the light and the tee shirts! It's been pretty gray around here lately.
Hope you enjoy this new batch of cuties.


  1. We are a dog loving family that can not have a dog, since by dog loving daughter is allergic to them. We had one when she was little, but not again, so I always enjoy to see other dogs with their owners.
    I also wanted to answer your question about earrings on my blog. I think you are talking about the one with the dragonflies on, and they sold very quickly. I am hoping to make a few more pairs in January to put on my Etsy store when I open it.... that is my hope anyway.

    Keep up on your wonderful creations, and what a lovely lovely store!

  2. These are great!! Nothing better than a man/woman and his/her dog!!

  3. You'd be in heaven here, Susan, walking with me around our citadel city. It's a great place to see dogs and owners having the time of their life!

  4. WOW!! Great collection of people and dog watching!