Once again I'm sharing my thoughts and opinions over at Vision & Verb this morning. They let me talk about what's on my mind ~ today it's friendship, how important it is and how tricky it can be.
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  1. I never thought of friendship as being like a book...until now. And I see connection clearly. The sentiment of it all and how certain chapters can touch parts of you you didn't know were in you. And how a bad book is a waste of time no matter how many people told you to "read it, you'll love it". I could go on. Or maybe it all boils down to what I was told this week by my nutritionist...inside we are all 5 years old. I think back to who I was playing with when I was 5. A number of them are still prominently in my life. Some with ease. Some with great struggle. Some I drifted from for 20 or so years only to float back to later, with more understanding. And some of those playmates I could not ditch fast enough.