Good hearted women

There's alot of them at Vision & Verb,  from alot of different places doing lots of ordinary and extraordinary things every day. One of the best ideas they have come up with lately is a button,
 a simple round button, the one that's over on the right there, that proclaims empowering people.

 This idea was one of giving back, of being a support to others, in any small way we can as a
communitiy. The way we will do that involves Kiva, and some very beautiful greeting cards.
These are blank cards, made very special with wonderful photos on the front, each taken by
 Vision & Verb members.

We hope that the next time you are looking for cards that are different and you want to also
make a difference, that you will click on that simple, round button ~ easy as pie ~  Thanks!


  1. fabulous .. I love the motto .. a global gathering of women .. ♥

  2. Great "ad" for the site, Susan. I might add that while the cards are blank, you can add a printed message to any of them, which is acdtually fun to do. :)