yada yada yada

   Yep, they still let me come over and talk about what's on my mind, can you believe that?  I feel very 
  lucky for such a great group and hope you'll think about joining us at V&V Saturday morning, or anytime at all! Share your thoughts if you are so inclined, we like different voices and stories ...
and of course, photos!


  1. Will take a peek ...... is that your cat? .. love his eyes .. they look right through you!

    1. Hey Lisa, this was a big outdoor cat that hung out with us in St. Augustine. He thought he was a dog and would come trotting up the path each night and walk with me the rest of the way home! He decided that the people he was living with didn't treat him good enough so he found a better home a few blocks away ~ he would have picked us but we still had our old indoor guy, Bubba, at the time, both really good cats.
      Thanks for the visit and have a fun weekend!

  2. I will look, too!

    What a gorgeous cat you've found!

  3. I love that we get to see you at V&V, Susan, as well as here. :)