Blog crush

 You know that I'm always so excited to share good things here. What you may not know is that I've never been a follower of mommy blogs, no real reason, just not my thing.
But it took me about two seconds to fall head over heels in love with a little family in Florida, each and every one of them.  Kelly is a fantastic photographer, wonderful writer, fun & cute as a button but that's not all that hooked me. I don't remember how I found them but I am one in thousands. The instant I saw Nella's sweet, grinning face I wanted to know more so I went back (2010 I believe) to find out more of the story. That's when I also fell in love with Kelly's dad, reading the two stories he shared about Nella's birth were so perfect.
 They are all here at Enjoying the Small Things , a very lovely place to visit.


  1. OMG, Susan. I can totally see why you're gobsmacked. Thanks for sharing the link!

  2. ok .. I did .. and stayed up an hour and a half past my bedtime .. wow .. it is still with me .. tough momma - she's got moxie!

  3. I will definitely go and visit. I always enjoy discovering new blogs. Thanks for the link!