Just saying

       It's my turn again at Vision & Verb,  I just wrote a bit about how I've been feeling lately ~
        maybe you can relate.               


  1. I loved your post at V&V, Susan. Yes, I can relate from something similar years ago when our condo burned down. It takes the breath out of you for awhile!

  2. Susan, you all are going through so much out there. There is nothing wrong with solitude until you feel ready to be out in it all again.

  3. your world has been shaken my dear.. stressed your little system out.. you are so right . it takes time to balance out. we can sooo relate. we have had so much happen in the last few years . one thing after another . i think i am finally unfolding ... remember . deep breaths . relax from your toes to your head .. and hug your honey♥ xo

  4. I know how it feels to be thrown around by circumstances, life, mother nature, the choices of others...I hope you gain a solid footing and keep on inspiring and creating the way you do...Your strength and kindness inspires me to be strong, open and kind...
    This one person far away is wishing you only goodness...