enjoying the quiet

Yep, you know me, a quiet one, mostly.  I sure have been a bit silent lately at this space because that's what I'm needing right now. But I am chatting about quiet - ness over at Vision & Verb ~
                                      it's my turn again and that's what's on my mind, so I share.


  1. beautiful V&V post. quiet. solitude. it is when i am happiest too. i am forever scoping out the quiet pockets when i have to be in a large gathering. did your parents & siblings understand that about you or want you to socialize more? sounds like you had many wonderfully peaceful times letting your mind wander without it getting clogged up with noise.

  2. Thanks, dear friend. I am not at all surprised that you understand this. I think my mom was probably the only one who got pretty pissed about me hiding out, she was very social and had no idea about the overload, I guess. We all survived my rebellion(s), somewhat intact!