a mini meltdown


  1. There is so much sadness in the world. Sending hugs your way! XO's

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh, I so can imagine what it must be like for you there in Colorado, Susan. I Skype every other week with a friend in Denver and every time she brings me up to speed with what's happening in America. I get the CNN Int'l news but that's it. Piers Morgan Tonight, too. (sigh) I can hardly wait till it's over and we all can start breathing again...assuming it goes the way I hope and pray! And if Congress doesn't start working together again, GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL!

  3. It is times like these I wish I lived with my head in the sand. Being aware means feeling it deeply. You and Larry stay very aware too...for better or worse.
    Colorado has suffered too much this year. Way too much.

  4. Big hugs to you, Susan, all the way from old world Germany!

  5. I've been pretty emotional and cranky too. I'm not sure whether after the election ill be feeling any better...

    1. Oh, I bet you do feel better when we can get away from this crazy time ... even though there will be more. Just keep trying to spend time in your garden, such as it is now! and remember that you're not alone.

  6. All the world is a mess!
    Keep hope and light into your heart,
    i am trying to..
    The photo and the sculpture are awesome!!!

  7. Teteel, I know that there is such problems & unrest in your country, also. We should all get together and have cocktails, even if just in our mind! and forget all our troubles!
    Hope you are still having wonderful times on your beach.

  8. Here's my plan. Tomorrow, early voting begins here in Texas. I'm going to beat it down to the voting location as soon as it opens. I'll cast my vote, and then I'm turning off the media. I got rid of my tv, so I can't turn that off, but I can go full music and no more political websites. ;)

    On Wednesday, I'm driving up to Kansas City to visit an elderly aunt. Then, I'm heading west into Kansas to see this and that - then down to Oklahoma, and finally home on the second. I'll go back to work, and on election day itself take a peek to see what's up.

    Is that a plan, or what? Hope you're feeling better!