Not our usual morning walk

coffin race


  1. You and Astrid are on the same page about crowds, Susan. I'm probably more like Larry and just jump in whenever I want a picture. HA! You obviously made a good choice to go be with Dina. Great pictures at this crazy time of the year!

  2. Hi Susan!
    We are is still pretty much shut down, but Mother Nature decided to spare our trees and house and kept our power on too! Most of town is dark still. School is closed for 3rd day now. Thanks for thinking of us :-) Your photos are bringing me such joy ~ love the bar! I would have been scooting down a quiet side street too, after 20 min of soaking in the crowd. Hope you had some good eats with Dina!

  3. Wish I were there....looks like a fantastic party! So glad to have found you on Verb and Vision!

  4. This looks like a lot of fun, but after a certain while I get tired of crowds as well (loud or not). You definitely made a good choice to hang out with Dina.

  5. I enjoyed all the photos,
    but i love the one in which is you with Dina.
    Wonderful to see you with all this bright light on you!