It was real good timing for Dan to have his opening this past weekend for the Friday Artwalk
          at  Green Horse Gallery ~ he turns out some pretty scary stuff! Perfect for the 
Halloween season.

                                        He pays such close attention to details, like the tiny teeth.

                                                                  And the very real looking eyes! 

                                          But what alot of fun, too ~ such talent that runs in the family!

           Michelle does some amazing things with her raku firings that's quite perfect for the pumpkins.
                                                 They sparkle, shimmer and crackle just beautifully.

                                                                Good work, you guys, as always!


  1. i should not have looked at this post right before bed.
    those pumpkins are so cool!

  2. Wow! Those pieces are amazing! And perfect time of the year for a show with that. That first photo is going to stick in my head while I'm trying to sleep :)

  3. Sorry, girls ~ I should have put a warning to not look at before bedtime!
    But cool stuff, right?