Sue started a great conversation over at Vision & Verb about people who have been an influence
in your art and even in your life. It sure gives you alot to think about and to remember.  It's very interesting to find out from some of the ladies there how they feel about it ... if it was books, one of my biggest learning tools, or classes or maybe even "on the job training"!

     One of my best people to be inspired by is this guy, he loves what he does and I love watching him
          hard at play!   Hope you'll join in the talk, share what is keeping you interested right now.


  1. One thing I forgot to mention on V&V, Susan, was how much I learn by observing. I have a feeling I'd learn a LOT just by hanging around you and Larry for a weekend!!! :)

  2. after years of education, i am a huge proponent for on the job training!
    music, van Gogh, a little libation, nature...that is what inspires me.
    love the action shot of Larry :-)

  3. Love, love, love that you showcased your honey as someone that has influenced your work! Nice!

  4. Your soul•mate!

    You are an inspire ~ love your feisty spirit & honest heart... ♦