Making statements & asking questions ...

                                   ... over at Vision & Verb this morning ~ hope you'll pay a visit.


  1. I never really knew what I wanted to do. I had ideas but was always told to come up with something better. I won't turn this into a therapy session, but I am still learning who I am and wondering what I will be when I grow up. My girls, by some quirk of quirkiness, are motivated and have direction and know who they are already. Maybe because we really listen and guide them within their personalities and try not to live our own dreams for ourselves through them. Your post was very very good today. I loved reading it and hearing what you had to say about the touch of envy. So true. I envy my girls a bit for the same reason. Maybe why I was born was to bring these two other souls into being and have them be more complete and comfortable in their place in this world. I don't know :-)

    1. I do know that you are absolutely right about your feelings with your girls, what more important purpose could there be? And you still get to figure out all the rest that you desire ~ thanks so much for joining the conversation :))

  2. How lovely! I love Mark Twin. Will go check out the link...

  3. Some of us, I suspect, are not born to the "one thing", but to wander among many. Thinking about it, I've clearly had four utterly distinct lives since college - and three rather distinct careers.

    I'm quite happy now with my business and my blog. I love writing, and have no need to publish with paper and ink to be fulfilled (whatever that means). Publication is publication - and the relationships I build with my readers are far more satisfying than simply seeing my name in print. I've always thought it amazing that the magazine articles I've published, or the poetry, have netted me about $300 and not a single comment. What fun is that?

  4. Since I retired from my career, the world has opened up with so much more possibility.
    Writing, painting, taking photos and playing music grab my attention on a daily basis. Sometimes I wish I had a few more lifetimes to participate in all the competing interests. Oh, and I forgot travel. Big on my list.

  5. ...and i am still looking for the "why" !
    I am not sure, yet...
    Is it soooo much bad?