Shopping & working

 If you are doing online shopping there are many wonderful ladies doing handmade, right at your finger tips ... here's just a few.

Carola creates beautiful mixed media cards and more in California

Lisa makes such gorgeous bags in Washington State

and so does Dawn in Germany ... amazing & creative

 Kim does magic with her books & drawings in Canada

Christine makes magical jewellery pieces while she rocks out to her favorite tunes!

LeAnn is a master with clay from her home in North Carolina

Kelly, Nina, 
                                 so many, many more artist with so much heart & soul.


  1. best of luck with the new job!!! and thanks so much for the shout out :-)
    looks like you had a really yummy holiday!

  2. I love very much to find small shops with the objects that i want.
    I buy from internet, too.
    ...and i go to malls some times.
    Good luch with your new job!

  3. I would have done the same thing, Susan...just go somewhere with a big group and enjoy the holiday, especially if I couldn't be with family. I am NOT one who needs to be in the kitchen for those big meals. I'll gladly do anyone else's I guess you already know by now! :) YAY for friends!

  4. Thank You for being such a sweetie.. you have a golden heart! ♥

  5. You are such a sweetie, Susan - thank you so much. It was a good weekend.
    Good luck with your new job - "kitchen world" sounds wonderful!!!

  6. Hi Susan,
    I loved your post, and then as I read further through it I saw you had included a link to my etsy shop! Thanks so much. I hope you are enjoying your new job, and yeah to you in the choosing to life your life to your own drummer!