A real good thing

There are so many who have lost so much just this year with all the fires, floods, hurricanes .. the list goes on and our hearts go out to each and every family. We are thinking of those in our own
neighborhoods who are still trying to put their lives back together after the Waldo Canyon Fire here back in June. The BAC ( Business of Art Center ) has come up with a very sweet idea.  This is a piece that I wanted to donate ~ small, but the words are big.

            The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change  ~ Maya Angelou

I really hope that someone likes this little scene and that it will bring calmness to any room
where it hangs.


  1. Wonderful sentiment & embellished so beautifully .. calm & full of peace.

  2. The photo is beautiful...subtle colors and mysterious fog. Very poetic by itself. And then the quote is perfect (you always pick just the right ones!). Your wall hanging will make someone very happy, grateful, and inspired :-)

  3. What a sweet "offering" from you, dear Susan. Someone will definitely be the happy recipient!

  4. Ladies, as always, I appreciate your kind words & support!

  5. It's lovely...I hope whoever get it loves it like I do mine!
    Hoping you are both well.

  6. I love the mixed media.....beautiful!

    (and thank you for your kind words for my green knitting post with visionandverb today.....i'm a tad out of my element with all the 'pro' photographers there!!! but I did have a great time......and now, am going to wander around your blogosphere!!!)