A special friend ... and her little bag

            Teteel's world   


  1. Teteel's blog photos are beautiful, as is this bag you made for her. I just love the little lace detail on the back pocket. Your first blog friend, wearing your work and having it hold her important things...makes me smile :-)

  2. What an incredible story! So touching...thank you for sharing it! What lucky gals you both are! xo

  3. Oh, Susan. You are reminding me of Prairie Girl, who first came to find and encourage me when I was first starting out. We actually could have met each other when I was back-n-forth to Germany. She was a Canadian living in Germany. I lost contact with her when she moved back to Canada (long story), but your Teteel has reminded me of her. What a very sweet story about how we are connected all over the world!

  4. What an awesome bag, Susan. And friend!

  5. The leather and lace is really lovely and a very sweet story.

  6. Oh, Susan you moved me...
    You make me blush...
    Αlmost four years? wow!
    One of the good thing in internet is this:
    to "meet" other people, to know them better, to love them.
    I like your work at first, those lovely frames with lace and quotes,
    and then your awesome bags.
    Then i fascinated by this beautiful, brave, joyful, creative woman!
    I love you more as i know you better.
    ...and i adore your hair, (among others ),you know that.
    I adore your bags and this will be my favorite little bag,
    with fantastic lace! Thank you!!!!
    Thanks to internet i have found a new Friend!
    Two, i don't forget Larry!
    Be always well,
    and thank you again for all your kind words for me.
    Kisses and a huge hug!!!!

  7. What a very special bag to make for your friend. It seems to suit her to a tee. And I love Teteel's blog too!
    Sending warm hugs,

  8. Isn't this such a wonderful sisterhood, so full of goodness & support! I cherish each of you and always so happy to see you!

  9. i love love:)
    thanks for sharing your gorgeous bags
    and this beautiful friendship,
    the kind that stories are written about.
    gives my heart a happy little shiver,