some playtime ~ finally!


  1. Oh you are so tugging at my heart strings showing this leather! I just can't wait to see it all one day! Beautiful Susan, just beautiful!

  2. Your kind of work is beautiful, Susan. I'd love to hold it and examine it!

  3. I love it for you, Susan, that you can create again. I've started coloring again...if that counts. HA.

  4. So glad you are feeling better and getting back to your creativity. I have been drawing a bit but mostly chasing and cleaning up after a little mouse who has decided to take up residency in my pantry. I have a live-trap set for her but so far she has no interest in the peanut-butter and crackers laid out for her.
    Enjoy your quiet time.

  5. Yay! You are creating again!!! Even disassembled, she's a beauty!

  6. The leather looks so soft and yummy - I can smell it! I can understand that you need a break from all the smiling. How do you like your job?

  7. WoW ♦ WoW ♦ Wow ... Gorgeous Work! Your workshop must smell so good! Love the color & the contrast color. Wild Beauty!

  8. Very beautiful pieces of leather!
    Happy creation time and this year Susan!

  9. my nose started twitching happily
    just imagining the sweet smell of leather
    in your photos:)
    and it makes me smile
    cause i just know that feeling
    of doing what you love glad you're following your heart.
    thanks for the sweet inspire,