1. Susan, I enjoyed reading this post so much that I think I'll do a similar post later on today. The ingrediants I will talk about are coconut oil, cumin seed, and olive oil, among others...

    1. Oh, yay! I was so happy a few years ago to discover using cumin in cooking ... can't wait to see what you do with cumin seeds. Love finding out about new things, thanks!

  2. Apple cider vinegar. I should have known it was good for the hair, Susan!

    I always cook with olive oil and love it. But I also buy olive-oil soap from Greece (on eBay) and love it as well. I'm not a fanatic either but I do try to pay attention! :)

    1. Yes, olive & coconut are the only oils I use now for cooking. We are lucky to have two great soap shops right here in town and I really love the olive oil soap ... you can't walk by these places without stopping out front just to take deep breaths, it calms you right down!

  3. I agree! Learned something too.. looked up cranberry seed oil .. interesting.
    You are naturally beautiful too!

    1. So glad that you checked it out, there's so much to learn about ... and thank you for those kind words, made me smile!

  4. I like your post,and the fact that you want to use natural products.
    I also rinse out my hair with acv in the water.
    I put only red henna on my hair instead of hair dye.
    I don't buy glass cleaner,anymore. I use white vinegar and water.
    Αnd, no more laundry softener, i make my own,
    white vinegar+water+ some drops of Essential Oils! Perfect!
    -i can give you the proportions,if you want-.
    Instead of trade body lotions, i use wheat oil or almond oil, i add several drops of essential oils and my skin is just fine!
    And yes, i cook with olive oil, and many times i make my own bread.
    ...If i remember something else, i'll come back here to tell you...

    1. I love this idea of the laundry softner, brilliant! I was thinking that if you add lavender essential oil when you wash the sheets it could help with a good nights sleep ... so many uses for these oils, right? Almond is one I have enjoyed but forgotten about and wheat oil is new to me, I'll go check it out now. I'm so happy that you came to share xo

  5. Lovely post, Susan! I, too, have stopped dyeing my hait and let it grow natural, and I call it silver instead of grey. I should try the ACV! I always cook with olive oil, and it's also good to clean stainless steel with it (my big kitchen sink is stainless steel). I don't use any make up (no lipstock here), but I make sure to wear sunscreen. We eat mainly organic food, if possible locally grown. It is not always easy, but even my daughter reads the labels on food and puts stuff away because of its ingredients, tempting as the food might be. Oh, and I have cut my coffee intake again - one cup in the morning and that's it. For the rest of the day I stick to rosehip/hibiscus tea - delicious!

    1. I'm liking this conversation and I like that you are going au naturale, Carola!
      Try the ACV, not only adds shine but softness. I'm not at all suprised that girl of yours pays attention, I bet to alot!
      I'm at just one cup of coffee, too, have gotten more interested in teas lately.
      There's so many to try ... that rosehip/hibiscus is going on my list ... I appreciate all that you share.

  6. Love this post Susan as I'm always trying to find replacements for purchased cleaning and beauty products or at least find something less chemical.

    I use baking soda for a scrubbing powder for sinks and toilets and use it mixed with warm water to wash my hair. I also use the apple cider vinegar for a hair rinse once a week but still use a purchased conditioner to deal with my fine, static filled, hair.

    I use white vinegar as a laundry softener but would like to know what kind of oil Teteel uses and how much. I also use white vinegar mixed with water for cleaning mirrors, sinks, toilets, and floors. If anyone knows how to embellish this with a fresh scent, that would be great. Maybe the same essential oil mix?

    I recently bought lipstick from Just Pure Minerals and like it very much. I'm now looking for a good face moisturizer that handles the cold dry winter.

    And on another note, I'd like to know how you have your comments set so your replies are actually nested to apply to who you are commenting to? I have blogger too but have always thought that only fancy wordpress blogs could do this.

    1. So nice to read this because I've been so curious about the shampooing with baing soda, it seems it would be too harsh since it takes care of so many tough jobs! But so does the ACV!! Yes, I hope Teteel will chime back in with more on the essential oils, there are so many that I love.
      I have been getting some good feedback on a moisturizer from the Burts Bees line called Clary Sage, I like their stuff b/c it's natural and not tested on animals.
      I'll have to go check my settings, I'm not sure if you mean replying in emails or how it comes up here, which I don't usually do, I like emailing back b/c I figure most are like me and don't have the time to come back & check for a reply. But I like getting a conversation started, too, so this seems better for that. And I do thank you for joining in and sharing your info :))

  7. i adore long silver or white hair
    ...epic beauty.
    mine is taking it's own sweet time about it dad is in his early seventies and just
    getting a sprinkling of wisdom in his hair.
    my mom was in her 20s when her beautiful black hair
    went white.
    i must take after my dad.
    yours is just gorgeous!
    apple cider vinegar....who knew!