Fun & unexpected!

                                                                                 Happy Weekend!


  1. This reminds me of "Water for Elephants"...(the book, haven't seen the movie)

  2. How exciting! Did you know their training grounds are in Sarasota, Florida? They even have a museum which I've been to many times.

  3. My mind is racing with what life must be like on that train. My fantasies might be better than the reality, but I hope not. That must have left a smile on your face all day. So nice to see the lushness in your yard!

  4. Every little thing! I've always like that, Susan. :)

  5. a circus train .. oh what fun .. before I read Christine's comment above I thought the very same thing .. my mind is racing just imagining what is inside!!

    what a cute little cottage!

  6. Ι Love any word and all photos of this post!
    Emotional, true, beautiful!

  7. oh that train....i would have loved to have gone in, too.....and knowing me, i would have asked...then begged :)

    isn't that our circus? that originates here in wisconsin? or maybe i'm delirious.....LOL

  8. i love your chalk wisdom
    splayed out on sidewalk.
    i'd love to climb aboard a circus train, too,
    but think I'd be too saddened by the animal's lives
    that have lost their muchness in their servitude.
    Something awfully cruel about a circus animal's life,
    it always seemed to me. Even as a kid, I couldn't enjoy
    the clowns because the captive elephants made me cry.
    Life on a train, however, seems outrageous and wonderful.
    Reminds me a little of The Boxcar Children.

  9. I've ridden my bike past that very train in that very spot! It was fun to see again when I'm so far away from Colorado. And I love the sidewalk inspiration too. Fun post!