Keeping agreements


  1. I love every word of this post. You two are so adorable and what inspiration you both are! I keep these words on a piece of wood in front of me as a constant reminder..."The best things in life are not things." I used to think so during my corporate years...but no longer. And I love it.

  2. I live on a tight budget too, and I must say that I don't miss "things" so much and we almost never eat out. The disappointment is seeing your art pile up without a place to sell it, but doing what you love and feeling like your time is your own is priceless! Sending you all kinds of good energy! Xo's

  3. I have been trying to cut down to just that which I need. The books--oh yes, they weigh me down, but I give those away as often as possible.

    I so enjoyed this post, Susan.

  4. I so enjoy this, Susan!
    We live pretty frugal, too....this being our year
    of reuse, recycle and restore.
    Kind of opens my eyes to how much I wasted in the past.
    I think the whole of us could create a much better place
    to live and breathe
    if we lived simpler and with less.
    I know what you mean about giving up some of the sweet perks, tho.
    Supporting other artists is exactly what I long to do more of.
    Big peace to you both in the paring down,