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The center of the universe is everywhere ~
Lakota Proverb

 ... and a little less whining, even though it has been a very unsettled year for so many. If you've visited here at our space you probably know Bernice, a beautiful and long time friend to us.
This is what happened to her & her boyfriend five months ago. Now they are finally in a new home, very close to the cabin that was lost, and it came together during her birthday week! We really wish them many years of joy and happy times and know that this little wall piece will find a spot there, too.


  1. What a wonderful housewarming gift!

  2. Such honored to know you two!

  3. Ohhhhhh. These so-called tragedies break my heart, Susan, but look at all the love. My home burned several years ago, so I know the feeling of the waves of trauma that come and go. They will be wonderfully fine in time. They still have each other, which is the best news of all. They also have good friends like you!

  4. What a beautiful gift from the loving hands and hearts of friends :-)
    That article and video was so scary and sad. And my blood boiled when they said there were items stolen after the fire! I am so glad to hear they have a place to call home once again.

  5. You friends will so appreciate this gift of love from you and Larry! I'm so glad that they have a new home, though I'm sure they are still grieving for their puppies and lost treasures. Sending you all my love and support!

  6. So glad and grateful for the restoration happening
    ...isn't it amazing what we can come through,
    we beings:)
    I love your handmade beauties....treasures to those
    who will get to keep and hold close to heart,

  7. A place to call a home is the absolute neccessity, and this plaket will be so appreciated. I love the back, too.

  8. Lovely art for your friends, gift from your sweet heart.

  9. Lovely art for your friends, gift from your sweet heart.