Around here ~

                                     It's been alot of fun, too, to get some of our favorite things out of boxes.

Our big boy, Bubba ... we keep his image around because we still miss him. That great little ceramic piece above we got at an art fair in Soda Springs park maybe twenty five years ago, made by a woman couple and I can't recall their names, imagine that!  If you know of them please share!


  1. I always love going through boxes of wrapped treasures and finding just the right spot for them .. great bottles .. don't you just get all happy when the sun gleams through .. they are sooo pretty!!

  2. At First, I saw only the last photo, without the words underneath, and thought, "I have to ask Susan about that piece over the cat!" Then I scrolled further and saw what you wrote :-)
    Love seeing all the lamps.
    Do you collect heart shaped rocks?

  3. The image of the chickens, and the mountain range have me swooning. Oh--we will be getting the first snowflakes before too long :-)

  4. LOVED getting a glimpse into your new world! So happy you two are settling in...thinking of you!

  5. Lovely spot in your new home, beautiful objects and so warm atmosphere.
    Here we have 25oC...

  6. You and your hubby
    have such a wonderful way about you:)
    Holding you both in my heart and whispering
    blessing over you.....that your new digs find you
    making sweet discoveries with fresh wild joy
    and that protection and peace cover and keep you.

  7. Beautiful images of your new home and the bottles on top of the fence are awesome too! I love the blessings that Jennifer sent your way and I add my love to the mix. Xo's