1. If I had deer families visiting my yard, Susan, I would flip out with joy. How incredibly lucky you are!

  2. I know exactly what you are saying! Regardless of how many times I see a deer (or any other wild animal) I feel like a child - telling everyone to come and look! Funny, with my dad's alzheimer's...he LOVES to see animal life more than ever. Love that you two are enjoying your new digs! xoxo

  3. I love Robin's comment, and how we all can relate to the thrill of what you're seeing there in your new place, Susan. In Atlanta we lived on 3 acres in the woods and often had deer cross our yard. I never tired of them! YAY for living in the moment, not dwelling on the past and being open to that which is to come!

  4. wow....just look at this handsome fellow:)
    what a wonderful visitor....I wonder what he may
    be whispering:)
    Hope November grows sweeter for you with every day,

  5. You grow some big bucks out there in Manitou! What a treat seeing them in the yard!
    Letting go of the past is a long slow continual process. But being happy helps :-)