Snowed in ...


  1. Sounds kind of delicious,
    snowed in with your honey
    and making art.
    Hope it's bliss,

  2. I have to agree with Jennifer's comments. Snowed in with your honey and making art? PRICELESS!!! Stay warm. Love these pieces!

  3. How beautiful, touching, and jewel-like, your yoyo trees!

  4. brrrr... it's cold here too! we've been running around like crazy and ... snow day ... everything has come to a halt... gives me a great chance to catch up w/ some reading .. love the yoyo trees! and the "round world" . you know what they say ... what comes around goes around :o) hope you have warm sunshine ~ you always radiate from your heart .. I can feel it even over here!

  5. Yoyo trees~love that name! These are all so beautiful...the fabric and lace, yoyos and ceramic, and of course the branches and the perfect quotes you always use. That second one drew me right to it...the colors and the quote are so lovely.
    Larry's character is fantastic!
    We are in the thick of the cold now too. Brrrrrrrrrrr! I think I chipped a tooth chattering them so hard.

  6. We have had some really cold days here as well. So glad you have a cozy and inspiring place to spend your snow days...and I love your yoyo trees!
    ~Love and Hugs~

  7. I'd say you've held up pretty darn well, Susan!!! You and Larry amaze me with all your creativity...midst everything that happens around you in your part of the world!

  8. The third from the start is awesome!
    You are both artists!
    Much love to you.