"Here we go"...

 ... Larry's words when he woke up on the first morning of this new year and my feeling about it is, yeah, Baby! I'm so happy to start another year with this man even though, as usual, we don't have a clue of what the future holds, no more than we did almost thirty years ago when we began this crazy adventure together.

What I do know for sure is that I have my first post of this year over at Vision & Verb and we're talking about clans and families and traditions, or lack of. Please come join us chicks!


  1. So enjoyed your post at V&V today!! When I had a tree I was the same way. Couldn't wait for the next day to get rid of it. Now with all the commercialism in the holiday, I love to be in another country and celebrate it usually in a very non-traditional way! Love our friendship and can not wait for the day we meet face to face!

  2. I like your way to celebrate, keep your memories from the past in your mind.
    Thanks for the wonderful wishes !

  3. Here we go, indeed:)
    Hope it's a delicious adventure together
    for you both,

  4. Oh, yes, Baby. Indeed. You've come a long way and still don't know where you're going. What a life you've had, Susan! A true love story!

  5. Oh, yeah, Baby. You've come a long way and still don't know where you're going! :) What a great love story, Susan, that inspires us all!

  6. It is super important to keep the past alive.