Keeping it real

                                                                 always trying to speak my truth, no matter what ...

                                                           it happens to be my turn again over at Vision & Verb today.


  1. I LOVE your truth, Susan!!!!!! Thank you for it.

  2. Once again, you get to the heart of your thoughts fast and without fuss. Probably because you are mask-less. Thankfully.
    Any time I don't trust my gut with people and let others sway my opinion, I get screwed. The older I get, the less I sway when it comes to that. Live and learn. and learn. and learn.

  3. Just left a note over at v and v.....such a brave post, Susan; thank you.
    I'm always most dazzled by honest vulnerability; nothing more beautiful.
    thank you,

  4. So sorry that I'm just getting time tonight to really digest your recent post over at V&V. I left a comment so when you have a chance head on over there and take a look. Finishing up my 4th week here on the farm...very emotional, draining, satisfying and so many other emotions. Big hug to you!