lots of bums around here!

 Former neighbor, Magic Bob, was totally agreeable to letting us keep the kiln hooked up at the cottage,  it just involves Larry taking pieces over that are ready to be fired and staying to baby sit things for a few hours. So they visit, catch up on life, feed the squirrels and always have the chess board set up just in case. All these days of cold weather and snow have at least been good for getting some interesting work done, but I'm not kidding, cabin fever is setting in fast & furious!!


  1. Oh--I know that feeling of cabin fever only too well--hope you can break out into some warm sunshine, soon, Susan!

  2. The snow up to the swings on the swingset in the yard, so I feel your cabin fever to my core. Good for Larry to be creating and spending some winter hours with a generous friend!

  3. babysitting the kiln is a good thing .. and wonderful suprises await... your man is so talented!!!

  4. I wanna hear more about "MAGIC" Bob!! :)

  5. I can only imagine, friend!
    Glad for the uncluttered quiet you get to keep
    even when it's crazy wicked cold outside.
    Nice, sometimes I imagine, to just have the two of you
    keeping warm together:)