then this happened

This wallhanging also has special pieces of driftwood gathered on the beach in Bandon, Orgeon and sent to us by very fantastic family members as well as crochet and lace, pale wood beads, stones, fibers and feathers.


  1. This posting is absolutely ADORABLE! What a cute place you all isn't the amount of's what you make of what you have! LOVE!!!

  2. What a lovely trip you've taken us on, Susan!
    I can smell the saltwater, hear the lapping of the waves...

  3. Did I ever tell you my daughter Amy graduated from Flagler College, Susan??? Yup. She did. You would think I visited her often, living in Atlanta, but I didn't. I have only passing memories of St. Augustine and would do it all over again if I had the chance. (sigh) Maybe now I can see some of it through YOUR eyes?! Thank you. (That was the time I was going through my divorce and learning to live my real life.)

    Those images of your creation are incredible!

  4. oh thank you.
    my toes thank you.
    yes, definitely feeling warmer.
    seashells and warm breezes and rum drinks....heavenly.
    cool runnings,

  5. What a warming stroll through places, people, and gatherings that mean something to you and Larry. Looks like life was good in St. Augustine.
    The dreamcatcher is amazingly beautiful and full of life!

  6. great shots! ya just gott' love the beach!! and little pink homes ... so cute!!

  7. Ι have just visited you in your homes and beloved places ,
    and walked together at the beaches picking up shells.
    Τhanks for the trip!
    Lovely wallhanging!