Still an art man ...


  1. Being the editor of a daily is a very cool thing. I also see no need to drop the hippy ambitions--they actually are a part of the man (or woman). So I say, 'go for it', and congratulations--it's wonderful to deal with people, colleagues and projects, and to get a paycheck!

    1. Thanks friend, always, for your continued support of us, no matter what we're doing. This is a weekly paper here in town and we are lucky that it's going to keep going. I feel sure he will be able to do it all!

  2. Oh Happy News!!! New Mexico is not too far away...weekends here and there maybe. What a wonderful opportunity for Larry and for you. Congrats and enjoy the ride :-)

  3. HELLO! When the Universe says "JUMP!" you both asked, "How high!!" I love it for you both, Susan. I wish Larry nothing but the best...and you, too, of course, because you ARE in it together! Congratulations.

  4. It looks like the future is plenty busy for you both :-) Congratulations Susan

  5. So excited for Larry's new assignment! I wish nothing but the best for you two soul mates! Thanks for all your beautiful comments. It's been a tough week. xo

  6. Congratulations on rolling with the changes, you guys:)
    Hope this new adventure is one beautiful ride!
    keep on rolling,

  7. I just think this is super exciting, Susan! I love your flexibility - one day you're going to New Mexico, the next you're not - it's that attitude that keeps you young at heart. I love it!

  8. A wonderful opportunity and work.
    Always an artist in the heart and mind.
    Life is wise.
    I am glad for you, both, beautiful things happen.