Dealing with disappointment


  1. big love to you in your disappointment, friend;
    it's hard.
    I know.
    Sitting with you in the hard
    and squeezing your hand
    and trusting for clarity
    and healing in the hurt places.
    tender hug,

  2. day for only you, big open sky, gentle wind...that can really help a troubled mind and heart. whatever the struggle is, Susan, the warmest and most comforting thoughts are drifting your way.

  3. This is so beautiful heartfelt. Aren't we all our own worst critics and taskmasters - commanding and demanding of ourselves to be better.
    Be's a long journey...

  4. It's the repeated disappointments that get to me. The "I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it will be different this time." And sometimes it is and you think things are changing until it turns out that you were being played. That's the worst disappointment. Happens all the time at work.

    I like you're last lines of coping. A much better solution than remaining in disappointment and feeling defeated.

  5. This is like a story and I just want to keep reading MORE! So beautiful and really touches my heart! Thinking of you!!

  6. may the wind blow gentle my friend

    love and light


  7. Owe.
    Another hug.
    Sit quietly by your side.

  8. Disappointments have been a constant in my life, and I still have a hard time dealing with them.
    I take your last advice, spending time in the open spaces, all by myself.

  9. I guess it's not really important to know what your disappointment is, Susan, because regardless, we all know what it feels like. I wish you nothing but grace and peace to work yourself through it and to come out on the other side of it. In the meantime, I will visualize with you the wide, open spaces.

  10. Susan, people are the way they are.
    Sometimes frustrate us and some other excite us.
    The same about ourselves.
    Everyone has their own path, easy, difficult,
    and has their own nature, good, evil, twisted...
    we accept them or not.
    Do not despair all is within the "game".