Hot, Hot weekend!

That's all I have to say about it. My friend, Kelly, writes beautifully about the weather, her garden and her naughty kitten over at Blue Muse ... I always enjoy anything that she shares.

 I'm still crushing on my pretty new bowl and also loving the words there that settle just so perfectly with me right now. Thanks ever so much, Mindy!


  1. When it is so hot and you feel a but weary about it... remember the endless winter you had! (I am not a big fan of heat either!)

  2. "In summer, the dark feels so much lighter, a gentle weight on my shoulders, just enough to hold me in place so I don’t float off into the world of whatever book I’m enjoying." Those words Kelly wrote are the way I have always felt but could never describe about the magic of summer nights. Beautiful words. I hope you find some pockets of cool in the heat.

  3. Aw, thanks so much Susan! Love the quote from Mindy, and that bowl, and you! xoxo

  4. Your friend writes wonderful!
    ..and the bowl is awesome!
    Enjoy everything.

  5. fantastic and inspiring in many ways blog. Your bowl is gorgeous!