This Summer


  1. Your soul is definitely rooting for you, Susan, and so am I!

  2. Beautiful creations and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing

  3. Look at your beautiful creations, Susan! How lovely you have the time and the muse to do this - and you do it so well.
    My mojo has been on vacation for way too long...

  4. Oh I LOVE what you are making
    so sweet!

    it is good when the one we live with understands us ♥

    love and light lovely hippie woman!

  5. Such a beautiful creations, Susan. I would like to see the whole pieces. I too like to believe that my soul is rooting for me... and I can feel that yours is rooting for you... Have a nice day dear friend xx

  6. Susan, thank you for this reminder that our soul's are rooting for us. I get such peace from hearing that today. I needed that reminder. Thank you. And, thank you for your beautiful creations - it is so lovely to see your work. And, that 'Trust Yourself' piece- well, I love it! xo

  7. Susan, you are such an observant individual--creative and beautiful.

  8. Ver Nice post. You can create all these fantastic things against all difficulties!
    Text on the fabric is a lovely idea! I love it!

  9. they paved paradise and put up a parking log.....
    don't it always seem to go
    that {they} don't know what {they've| got
    till it's gone
    Larry can do it because he is behind the lens .. it is a shield of sort and you do not have to put yourself in the picture .... :)
    love you creations .. and that you used recycled denim .. and that you added a smidge of lace ... LoVE it!
    hugs from the west

  10. i can just see you on your front porch
    soaking in the late Summer (unusually cool) air
    and letting your heart run offleash
    making sand castles and magic:)
    cheers to you and the beauty you create,

  11. I so love that you share your part of the world with us! Kudos to Larry for all he represents too!