We have gone far ~

What a wild and joyous ride it has been but sad to say that my last post for Vision & Verb is up today. I hope you'll find time to make it over ... we're saying so long to a delightful group.


  1. Boo Hoo. But isn't it grand that we really don't need V&V to stay connected!?! Fabulous photo!

  2. Wonderful photo and words... I am sad too xx

  3. One way to look at it, dear Susan, is that we found each other and grew our friendship there. And now nothing can stop it, no matter how many dooes close! I love it.

  4. well that sure sums it up doesn't it! :)

    hope you guys are well and the weather is finally nice ... ha ha ...

  5. change IS good...
    that doesn't mean when things come to an end we don't grieve it in some way...grief is the balance of how much we loved it

    thank you for sharing Susan

    love and light

  6. Very "touching" post...
    but why? no more V&V?

  7. I love that African proverb. Glad we don't have to share the same villiage
    to share the journey:) Grateful to be sharing ours,