Heart to hearts


  1. :) good advice momma
    the path we choose . the road we take . the turns . the bumps and bruises . all make us who we are today. we can use experience for good or bad. it can make us wise . empathetic . and strong if we let it. we will become well rounded . tough . able to take the next go around

  2. beautiful...your words so resonate with me
    my thought is that your boys were blessed by you Susan...even in the imperfections...
    we are all learning as we go, after all....

    love the closeness you shared with you boy...those times just feed the mama soul so well don't they?

    love and light ♥

  3. I don't tire of your deer photos...

    Those thoughts are no stranger to me either. I actually wish I had done some things differently in my youth. I was foolish and often thoughtless, pretty self-centered. I was also shy and easily intimidated which did not let me build up a good self-confidence or self-esteem. That came way later. Sometimes I regret that I wasted a lot of time on things that weren't really important - from today's point of view. If we only had our later "wisdom" when we were young.

  4. beautiful...and I'm still learning today and guess I will until my last day! xoxo

  5. ...a very compelling conversation, and you write it so beautiful, Susan. XXX

  6. I like your truth,the way you think and being more wise as the years go by,
    i love your understanding for yourself, for the others.

  7. beautiful thoughts on looking back. and on human imperfection. we are all winging it the best we can at the time.

  8. what a beautiful gift, to have a rich buttery heartshare with someone on the other side
    of the dark times you got through together. pure grace, that. he sounds like a gentle soul.
    glad with and for you,