Wearing my wild!

                                                         It was so much fun waiting for this lovely-ness to arrive ...

... but even more fun when it landed in the mailbox, so beautifully wrapped and, once again, from a lady/seller who knows how special a few hand written words can be.

Thank you dear Kelly/MissUmberdove for sharing your gifts, talent, art, smile and joyfulwriggling hips with the whole wide world ... I  promise to wear my wildness with much pride and good love.


  1. eeek!!!
    love this so
    she is delicious!!

    love and light ♥

  2. Adorable and what a nice wrap!

  3. I did check out Miss Underdove and wow isn't she something! I spent an hour at her blog and website - she is truly gifted, very spiritual and an great inspiration bursting with artful creativity - what a lovely and wonderful young woman! Her vibes will inspire you through this pretty shirt. And cannot the word "wild" interpreted in so many ways? :-)

    1. Hey Yael, I'm so happy to see you here ... I'm familiar with you from Dawn's site. Thanks for the visit and for checking out our umberdove, she is very special indeed.

  4. Ooh, I love the card! What a special package - I love it when something is wrapped so beautifully and you get a handwritten note as well.

  5. I like the whole package! the t-shirt, the card, the lovely green wrap paper!