wandering around

We had a chance during this beautiful weekend to check out our new neighborhood a bit more and we didn't have to go far to find this outrageous, one of a kind home and yard. Just up the street, it is where the artist, Starr Kempf, found the perfect place for some of his wonderful creations to live.

Larry remembered doing an interview with him years ago and said it was such a pleasure and 
one of the most enjoyable of his career.

We are looking forward to discovering much more in this very interesting place that we've been 
lucky enough to land in for now.

Here's a couple especially for you, Ginnie ... not really sure what they are supposed to be but really reminded me of you and the awesome weather vanes that you share!


  1. YAY for art and YAY for weathervanes, Susan. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are lucky indeed... such a beautiful place!!. Love those birds

  3. What beautiful Art Starr creates! And lucky you gets to walk a bit and see them in person!

  4. Sad to know this amazing talented artist passed away in 1995. I'm sure his pieces are real treasures to those who are fortunate to own them. Imagine spending three years to construct one piece! I can't wait for more of your wanders! Big hugs!!!

  5. Such interesting sculpture - I would love to check those out in person! and bonus .... looks like you're snow free around town? can't wait until we are. We're still a ways away from that unfortunately

  6. Art is everywhere your neighbourhood Susan, how exciting! Thank you for sharing those sculptures with us