let it be let it be let it be yeah, let it be ~

Something else that helps to keep my world right is reading these words from Pixie Lighthorse, a young old soul who has so much goodness to share and wisdom to teach.

"Walk the long road with those who always want to know more about you and who you always 
yearn to know more about.

Walk with those who match your level of seeking, no matter the source of their 
curiosity and inspiration.

Share your passionate heart with your equals and be open to their wisdom, simple or strange.

There is a deep healing to be found up in the hills with your hill people, down by the river with your river people and in the heart with your heart people."

I guess what I keep remembering is to search for your people, don't just expect the ones who are supposed to care to always show up and to have your back, you could be disappointed and hurt ... instead, seek to "be with those who help your being" rumi.


  1. Oh Susan, I am the same way when it comes to being hurt, I am always completely surprised and want to fight back. It is just in the last couple of years that I have started learning how to deal with conflict better. Sending you all my love and know that I am standing behind you 100 percent!!! xoxo

  2. Susan, I am so sorry that you got hurt so deeply. I know what it means to resist the urge to fight back immediately and try to let it go. It's so darn difficult.
    I wish I was there right know to give you a long long hug, just feel the togetherness and finally end that moment with a liberating laugh.

    Oh, that deer skin... pure bliss!

  3. When I get hurt, I withdraw. I've always wished I got angry instead. But maybe thinking of just letting it be is better than either. Right now, I'm kind of doing a lot of internal work, I may remain mostly quiet for the summer trying to rebuild, refocus, refresh. But like you, I do love seeing the good stuff going on out there even if I don't have the energy right now to do very much joining in. Sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Oh Susan... i don't know what to say...
    Keep calm, still, and find help and courage from the people around you who love you.
    This will pass too.

  5. Sending love, Susan. Just so much love. In my heart, I'm sitting beside you, holding the quiet with you.
    Always cheering wildly in your corner I will be.
    With you,

  6. I always equate these hurts to feeling like I have been pushed off a cliff...falling deep in pain...hurting so badly I cannot breathe. I withdraw to heal and think and work it out. My heart is there with you giving you strength to find your way out of the hurt. Sending big hugs knowing there is so much love here for you!

    1. Donna, I wish I could reply to you in personal email, which is the way I usually operate, but I want to thank you so much for being here ... you've always been such a wonderful, supportive friend ~

  7. Well whoever has been hurting my Marie had better not ever let me know who they are. These are fightin' words when I hear this. Because they better believe that I am one of those hill people, and river people and most definitely one of those heart people all wrapped up into one!!!!

    I had a similar experience a couple of years ago and at this point in my life I don't have time for this kinda bullshit. So I dumped that relationship and have never looked back. Perhaps not the best way to handle it, but it sure has made a positive difference in my life.

    Wrapping you in big big hugs!!!!

  8. One thing is for sure ... when you do a post like this, brave or stupid, you find out who has your back.
    Thanks, all you sweet ladies ~

  9. Whatever has happened, I am sending you strong, loving, warm, healing vibes. You are a true beauty and your people have your back. I like to think I am with you in the hills, at the river, and in our hearts. I love you, Susan. Thanks for sharing your heart, your words, and the healing words of Pixie Lighthorse and Rumi. I hope it has helped.

  10. I am joining to share my spirit, to say I resonate with your words and wish you well in your quest. This online tribe of amazing soul healers are medicine for hurting hearts!

    1. for sure, foxysue, and we all appreciate you being here to share! thanks for the visit and the well wishes ~

  11. tears....
    so beautiful, your heart
    hurt feelings can be a challenge to navigate through
    I have taken to the practice of reminding myself that they are feelings...feeling that need to be honoured but do not need to become my identity...this seems to help in the process of not allowing them to take me over....
    ps...that woman you speak of...she ADORES her medicine pouch♥♥♥

    love and light my sister-friend